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Property that provides world class facilities

Country Garden @ Danga Bay provides the facility of high-end club house which is a one-stop place for all types of commercial and entertainment activities. For physical activities there is tennis court, gym room, for children there is children playground. For dining needs there is restaurant, coffee shop, and bar. There is a sky garden, spa and movie room for leisure activities. Supermarket is there to do the shopping and reading room is there to freshen up your mind. Wine shop, bowling area and snooker room is also present in the high-end club house.

However, high-end club house is just one of the facilities that are provided in Country Garden @ Danga Bay. There is also a commercial street which caters to all the needs of the shoppers and brings the most popular brands in the world with in their reach. There are also outdoor swimming pools available inside the community. There is a beautiful sea side, completely made of hand-made sand, which gives a spectacular view and a natural feel to the surroundings. Sitting there and soaking the sun can brighten up even the dullest days of one’s life. There is a marina yacht facility that is also provided to ensure the more exquisite view of the sea.

country-garden danga-bay-facilities
Country Garden @ Danga Bay Facilities Summary

  • 24 hours sky CCTV that are strategically placed to keep compete surveillance from the sky
  • Dedicated security force to enhance the multi-tier security system
  • Completely guarded and gated community for 24 hours security
  • This place has high-end private clubs and is a one-stop dining, commercial and entertainment city.
  • The whole property is managed by highly efficient property management team who are specialists in all kinds of property maintenance.
  • Commercial Street is a great place inside the Country Garden Danga Bay area to enhance your shopping experience with best brands available at great prices.
  • Marina yacht and the hand-made sand seaside, truly adds to the pleasure of sea view.



High-End Club House Facilities

Floor Size Main Facilities
G Floor 33,717 sqft
  • Movie Room
  • Children Playground
  • Bowling
  • Supermarket
  • Wine Shop
  • Coffee Shop
  • Spa
First Floor 30,431 sqft
  • Reading Room
  • Gym Room
  • Bar
  • Snooker
  • Restaurant
Second Floor 4,545 sqft
  • Tennis Court
  • Sky Garden

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